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Best Places to Visit in USA | Best Places To Visit in USA For Couples

Best Places to Visit in USA 

From the ocean to the lovely sea, the United States is home to a wide range of places - cultural and physical. Spending months traversing its vast territory has given me deep appreciation for our entire country.

After traveling across the United States on a number of cross-country trips (you don't really know how big Texas is until you pass. Get away from that big province!), I wanted to share with you my favorite places in the United States. I’ve already talked about my favorite restaurants and the lessons I’ve learned, so it seems appropriate to give you a list of the best places to visit in the USA when you come and you will visit here!

Here is the list of the Best Places to Visit in USA-

New Orleans (1st Best Places to Visit in USA)

Best Places to Visit in USA for honeymoon

New Orleans is a town with a soul. It is seen in some difficult times, but it is always eager for a life that can be compared to many places. It has a rich and long history and is full of vibrant Creole-inspired food and Cajun food, live jazz music, street artists, and appreciation for all the trials of life. Life is good here at Big Easy. 
You don't come here to relax - you come here to enjoy! In my opinion, New Orleans is one of the most vibrant and healthy cities in the United States.

Asheville (2nd Best Places to Visit in America)

Best Places to Visit in America

Asheville is Portland in the mountains of North Carolina: full of delicious art beer, food and hipsters. I fell in love with this place, including its proximity to some of the beautiful and majestic mountains like the Carolina Carolina Trail. Plus, the city has plenty of parks for those looking for something nearby - and be sure to check out the Ashville Botanical Gardens near the university. 

The beautiful smoky mountains go a long way, and the vast area of Baltimore, the largest house in the US and once the home of George Vanderbilt, is on the outskirts of town. If you've ever seen Downtown Abbey, that's the house! (And, if you haven’t already, you should! The show is addictive!)

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Pacific Coast Drive (3rd Best Places to Visit in USA)

Best Places to Visit in America for Honeymoon

Progress on the Pacific Coast is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have to agree. I did not walk all over the coast, but the part I was traveling (San Francisco to Portland) was amazing: huge cliffs, jungle forests, miles of beaches, and large redwoods. It drops the jaw all the way. Be prepared to make slow progress, as you will be constantly pulling to stand, climb, and love to watch. I especially liked Brandon and Coos Bay, Oregon and Mendocino, California.

Las Vegas (4th Best Places To Visit in USA For Couples)

Best Places to Visit in USA for Honeymoon

Vegas, baby, Vegas! Most people are closed with flashing lights and gambling, but Vegas is more than just casinos, expensive clubs, and famous Strip hotels. There are incredible mountains near Red Rocks National Park, a thriving art gallery, a thriving technology center thanks to Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project, and many concerts and exhibitions. Get out of the Strip, check out the real Vegas (because technically Strip is in Paradise, NV, not Las Vegas), and see why people decide to stay here.

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Deadwood (5th Best Places To Visit in USA)

Best Places to Visit in USA

Deadwood the town, located just west of South Dakota, was famous for the days of the Old West, notable enough to be the focus of the HBO series. The kitschy and recycled variety, however, is a very cool place where you can get a taste of the old days of the border. It is also easily found near Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.

Hudson Valley, New York (6th Best Places To Visit in USA For Couples)

Best Places to Visit in America for Honeymoon

The Hudson Valley is where New Yorker are fleeing the city when they need a healthy environment and rest. Just an hour and a half north of New York City, the Hudson Valley is made up of small, incredibly small towns east of the Hudson River. And while the wind is reviving and things are moving slowly in the mountains, that doesn't mean that nothing is happening up here - in fact, the opposite is true. 

The district recently launched the first third place of the beloved Mirbeau Inn & Spa on the Rhinebeck, filled with a luxurious spa and a watering room and a Knlie Knockout restaurant. Also, all 50 rooms have deep sinks and fireplaces, which ensures a comfortable escape and peace. Grab a bite at the new Hudson Valley Food Hall in Beacon full of local vendors, or head to Hudson to dine at Lil 'Deb's Oasis - whose chefs have been nominated for Best Chef: Northeast James Beard Award in 2019.

If you need to get rid of all that food, check out the new Empire State route, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. Bicycle and mountain trails connect communities across New York State and connect to Hudson Greenway Routes. Another innovation in 2020 is the favorite of children and adults, the Legoland New York Resort, which opens on time July 4.

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7. Greenville, South Carolina (7th Best Places To Visit in USA For Couples)

Best Places To Visit in USA For Couples

Citizens are proud to be #YeahThatGreenville (US has 35 Greenvilles), the most widely used hashtag in the region. I do not blame the local people for the explosion of domestic pride. What makes Greenville different from other Southern cities is its background: the Blue Ridge Mountains. The 22-kilometer Swamp Rabbit Trail and the waterfalls that fall in the center of the city are no more. Falls Park in Reed goes to Greenville which is Central Park which is New York. Except that Central Park does not boast of a scary suspension bridge floating above the planned gardens below. Greenville also has theaters, the only BMW Museum in North America and the busiest city I have ever seen.

Why are you visiting now? Greenville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, so flights are more and cheaper (discount airline Frontier Airlines recently launched a service in September). Don’t leave town without trying a bowl of acai in Southern Pressed Juicery or home-made sour bread in a newly opened farm stand, Topsoil. My favorite place is to stay in the hills of Hotel Domestique - a French shopping weekend inspired by the legendary Tour de France, George Hincapie.

8. Sun Valley, Idaho(6th Best Places To Visit in USA)

Best Places To Visit in US For Couples

Back in 1936, Sun Valley became America's first ski resort, serving almost exclusively a client of celebrities, financiers and international athletes. Today, it is still a ski resort in the United States, with well-stocked restaurants, comfortable hotels, popular nightlife and an astonishing number of art shows and music festivals that can compete with the city by a hundred times larger.

The annual community of local artists, writers, small business owners, philanthropists and - yes, there are - celebrities who call this place home are dedicated to natural beauty, outdoor events and the fact that there is no such thing - raise a building or chain chain in the city. Also, skiing is not bad either. The word “true” is often overused in travel writing, but this place is unique and for this reason, it is one of our favorite places in 2020.

Downtown St. Louis has come alive in recent years. Rooster is great for a stick-to-your-bones brunch, while Blood and Sand, formerly a members-only supper club, is now open to the public for innovative American cuisine. Around Victorian-elegant Lafayette Park, try Polite Society for a romantic, locally sourced dinner, then head to Clementine’s Creamery for handcrafted ice cream, some of it spiked. In the trendy Botanical Heights district, try Nixta for cutting-edge Mexican, and across the way, in a re-purposed gas station, Olio for fresh Mediterranean small plates. 

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